Termsand conditionsof useofthe site

Please read the terms and conditions of the service carefully;


  1. CraftsLtd. is a company registered in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.
  2. By logging in to the Crafts website and ordering the proposed service, the user implies that he / she has agreed to receive the service from Craft Ltd and to abide by the terms and conditions of use.

Subject of the Agreement

  1. The subject of this agreement is the product offered on the website of Kraft and the service of delivery of this product to the desired location for the customer, in exchange for which the customer pays a predetermined amount by bank card or cash.

Termsand conditionsofuse ofthe site

  1. When purchasing products on the website of “Crafts” Ltd. www.mshvidi.com, the customer agrees to provide the exact and complete information required at the time of ordering, in order for “Crafts” Ltd. to further identify the customer and deliver the product to the place.
  1. If the user submits incorrect information or if Crafts Ltd has serious grounds to suspect that the information provided by him is incorrect, incomplete and inaccurate, Crafts Ltd reserves the right to refuse to provide the service to him.
  2. Customers have no right to make changes, publish, transfer to third parties, participate in sales or discounts, create enterprise products or use part or all of the content of the site in any other way.
  3. When placing an order, the customer must submit the following information: name, surname, contact phone number, delivery address.
  4. mshvidi.com uses the user’s personal data to fulfill its obligations to the user and to analyze the work of the site.
  5. Craft Ltd reserves the right to send informational, including advertising messages to the User’s e-mail and mobile phone with its consent, the Customer has the right to refuse to receive advertising and other information without explaining the reasons for the refusal.

The service provider is obliged

  1. Accept and execute customer orders.
  2. To supply the customer with the requested design product.
  3. Deliver the product to the address specified by the customer within 48 hours after receiving the order, except for the exceptions allowed in the terms of delivery, as well as individually ordered designs that take 4 working days to make.
  4. Protect the user’s personal data in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.

Final Provisions

Disputes and disagreements arising in the course of this Agreement shall be settled through negotiation between the parties, otherwise the parties shall apply to the court.